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T. Scott & Melanie Gross

Scott intends to always be current, always be relevant, and in pilot terms, live like his tail’s on fire! And, oh yeah, I should probably mention that he is in his 16th year of Parkinson’s. Scott has Parkinson’s but Parkinson’s doesn’t have Scott. For years people have told Scott that he should have been a standup comic.  Lucky you it turns out that he is just as funny sitting down!

scott@tscottgross.com  +1.8307925555

Scott’s client list includes such respected companies as Southwest Airlines, Ford, and WalMart. He is one of a handful of speakers who has been honored as a Legend of the Speaking Profession.

On a personal level, Scott considers himself just a regular guy who loves his family and cares for his community. His accomplishments include being an EMT first responder—having made over 280 emergency runs… an instrument-rated pilot—with over 3,700 flight hours… a certified wild land firefighter—earned at age 49!... AND a former city councilman, including a term as mayor pro tem... all while continuing to write books, blog, and speak. But Gross admits his favorite titles are Pops, Dad, and Tiger.

T. Scott Gross is more than a writer who speaks; he literally has been there and done that!

A veteran of the hospitality industry, Gross learned about business and leadership from the bottom up, starting from the business end of a pot sink! Scott’s hands-on approach has earned him the respect of audiences everywhere. He knows what it’s like to make payroll every Friday.
His first book, Positively Outrageous Service has been translated into over a dozen languages. The 13 fun to read books that have followed prove that it is possible to have fun, make the world a better place…and earn a living by loving on your customers.

Introducing POS: 3rd Edition
If you could only have one good idea in a lifetime then Positively Outrageous Service would be a pretty good legacy.  You can’t imagine how many people have volunteered that those few pages were enough to give good people everywhere a language for loving on their customers. I guess we could simply waltz into the sunset satisfied that by any measure… we win.

Old man Parkinson’s has been a worthy opponent but while are still able to laugh we decided to choose a couple of younger voices that share our values and have the talent to convince an audience that this POS stuff is worthy of a following.
You can still invite me to your conference but in fairness I have to point out that I’m not as physically or mentally sharp as I used to be.  If you think a conversation would be as good as a keynote, well sign me up. But Mike and Andrew might also be a good choice although I am still six foot six and gorgeous…by phone… and likely to stay that way.